We Live Up Here is a urban arts organisation in Sudbury, Ontario formed around the idea that art can inspire, transform and help build a better community.


It all started with a couple books

A collective formed in 2012 with the purpose of creating a collaborative photography book celebrating Sudbury’s urban culture. Curated by Christian Pelletier and Andrew Knapp, the project invited sudburians to submit their photos of Sudbury; authentic, urban, a little rough around the edges, but beautiful and inspiring. After sifting through thousands of submissions from over 300 photographers, We Live Up Here, the book, launched in December 2012 and immediately sold out.

Volume II

In 2014, the second volume of We Live Up Here was launched at the Grand Theatre. It features over 250 photographs from over 100 local photographers. The coffee table book is a snapshot at Sudbury's urban culture.


Stupid little pins

To help raise money to print the book, we made these funny little pins. Filled with Sudbury inside-jokes, we ended up pressing and shipping close to 10,000 of these stupid little buttons to sudburians and expats around the planet.

The pins poked fun at Sudbury’s flaws with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

We might make more one day. Who knows!?!


A DIY Tourism Campaign for Sudbury.
— The Toronto Star

we have curated & created 20 new murals since 2013

Inspired by the momentum created with the photography book, We Live Up Here decided to create new murals around the city. Since 2013, We Live Up Here had curated & created over 20 new murals in and around downtown Sudbury.

Ella & Pitr, Sudbury - Helmut ou une chanson douce


Catapulted by an ever growing team and community momentum, We Live Up Here launched Up Here, an ambitious new festival that merged urban art, emerging music and community in August of 2015.

Up Here has since grown into one of the most anticipated indie-arts events north of Toronto.

Up Here 4 takes place August 17-18-19, 2018.

Danielle Provencher - Up Here 2015 - Street Party.jpg