We Live Up Here started with the purpose of creating a collaborative photography book celebrating Sudbury’s urban culture. Curated by Christian Pelletier and Andrew Knapp, the project invited sudburians to submit their photos of Sudbury; authentic, urban, a little rough around the edges, but beautiful and inspiring.


Book I

In 2012, we set out to create something beautiful with you and for you, and that's exactly what happened. We found something that wasn't visible before. We proved to ourselves that it is possible. And you inspired the hell out of us.

The book has since sold out, but you can get volume II here.


Book II

This book is not a sequel; it is the continuation of a perpetual story. We Live Up Here Volume 2 is a taste of life in Sudbury, and a dose of nostalgia for anyone who has ever called Sudbury home.

The collaborative photography book features over 250 photographs from over 100 local photographers.