We're organizing a festival. How fucking insane is that? Up Fest is a public art festival that culminates in an emerging music festival and is topped off by an all-night art crawl.


This book is not a sequel; it is the continuation of a perpetual story. A collection of over 150 photos captured by over 100 photographers. Find it in store:

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In 2012, we set out to create something beautiful with you and for you, and that's exactly what happened. We found something that wasn't visible before. We proved to ourselves that it is possible. And you inspired the hell out of us.

Unfortunately, the book is sold out, but you can get volume II here.


We started with two, but now we’re a multitude. What’s more important than who we are is why we are. We are because art can make a difference. We are because to grow, we need change. We are because Sudbury can sometimes use a hug. If you agree with us, then you are us, and you’re already part of the solution.

More Things

We Live Up Here, for us, is a place where we can create things. As we see it, a creative community thrives. It creates solutions, invites conversation, and overcomes obstacles. With as much time as we have, we create things, and here are a few of those things.